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Vic Caldarone Called Coach Vic by many.

This Idea of instant recognition award pins started in 2001. I started my passion of coaching in 1978 when my High School Wrestling coach asked if I wanted to take over the Cranston Recreation wrestling program. That wonderful experience lasted thirty plus years. Started coaching Baseball and football when my oldest son jumped into those sports. i went on to coach Little League baseball for 25 years. I thought it was a good idea to let my sons move forward without me coaching them (at least not on the field). I thought it was a good idea to experience other coaching styles and philosophies. As it played out,, they did very well. I was a jewelry manufacturer at the time and came up with the Idea of giving a recognition pin immediately after the game. It became a big hit with the players bringing the equipment to my car and wondering if they had earned a pin. Sometimes I would let the player hand them out and was amazed how they handled that task. I had a very good career in wrestling and learned from that sport that you had to earn everything, nothing was for free. I started handing out wrestling pins to even the opponents when they pinned one of my wrestlers. Coaching brings so many rewards that are amazing. You really feel great about helping kids learn how to win and lose. I am currently Coaching Wrestling, Baseball and Cross Country and loving every second of it.


Coach Vic