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Girls Soccer Coaches Box


The Girls Soccer Coaches Box comes complete with 61 soccer award pins.

The Girls Soccer Coaches Box has everything you need for a 12 game season. It has 20 Goal pins, 12 offensive, 12 defensive, and 12 assist pins, and 5 shut-out pins.

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    The criteria for the outstanding offensive, defensive and best assist player of the game is up to you and your coaching staff. In addition, the Soccer Coaches Box also allows you to recognize each player who scores a Goal  or performs a Shut-Out. For those players who do achieve those milestone of a Goal scored or have a Shut-Out as the goalie for the entire game, the Coaches Box has a pin to instantly recognize their accomplishment.   

    These instant recognition pins are to be presented at the time the accomplishment was made, or immediately following the game. Here are some of the pins that come in your Soccer Coaches Box. Each pin is hand crafted with intricate detail and will look great on your team's jacket or hat.