Lacrosse coaches box
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Lacrosse Coaches Box


The Lacrosse Coaches Box comes complete with 50 Lacrosse award pins for hats, jackets and lapels. Everything you need for a 10 game season. The Lacrosse Coaches Box has 10 MVP pins for the Most Valuable player, and 10 defensive Slide pins to be awarded to the outstanding defensive player of each game,  10 sniper pins for the player who has the best accuracy in a tough situation. 10 Toe Drag pins for the slickest offensive player of the game. 10 FOGO pins for an exceptional face off game. The criteria for the outstanding offensive and defensive player of the game is up to you and your coaching staff.

Each Lacrosse Coaches Box contains: 10 Silver ox slide pins, 10 Copper Offense Toe Drag pins, 10 Brass Sniper pins, 10 Gold "MVP" pins and 10 Silver Antique FOGO pins for pins for a total of 5O pins.

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    Lacrosse coaches box
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